Monday, December 30, 2013

Number 10- LB Museum of Art

There are always so many fun local things to do in the cities we live in that I don't think people take advantage of! I've lived in Long Beach for over 5 years now & this was one of those fun & free local things that I've always wanted to do. I had a day to spend in Long Beach with my mom before we left for a mother daughter Vegas trip so I decided to take her to the LB Museum of Art  . They had this super cute & silly dog exhibit going on. We also discovered the cute little restaurant the museum has. Lunch, good happy hour deals, & a gorgeous view? Yes please! I'll have to go back with my girlfriends.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Number 2 & 6 - Laguna Beach / Go Hiking

I killed two birds with one stone here. My bestie & I went hiking in Laguna Beach at Crystal Cove State Park. We chose the difficult loop trail. It was a great workout & such a beautiful hike! Enjoy the pics :)


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Number 3- One Night Trip to Vegas

Oh Vegas. Always a good time! We just missed a pool party we were supposed to go to when we arrived so we ended up lounging at the MGM lazy river pool. For someone who is a non swimmer, it was perfection! Before our night on the strip we decided to get dolled up & do a nice dinner. We chose Wolfgang Pucks restaurant at the MGM. The restaurant has that classy/casual feel so if you're in the mood to get a little dolled up it is totally appropriate and you won't look like an idiot(then again what am I saying, anything goes in Vegas). We shared the BEST pesto/prosciutto pizza at dinner. I've seriously become obsessed with pesto pizza since that night. After dinner we went back to our hotel to change & hit up two clubs. We couldn't leave Vegas without eating at one of the buffets so the next day we had lunch at the Buffet at the Wynn. So yummy! And then it was time to hit the road & head back to reality. It was the perfect girls trip...until next time Vegas.

Do you have any fun Vegas stories?!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Number 8- Go to a concert

The first thing I crossed off my summer bucket list this past summer was "go to a concert". My friend was interning for vans & just so happened to have an extra ticket for Warped Tour. I had absolutely nooo idea what it was so I text her asking about it. Turns out it's a concert hosted by Vans featuring a ton of pop/punk bands on a number of different stages. Still not really knowing what to expect, I asked my friend if a sundress was okay to wear. Her response was NO. Luckily I took her advice and went with shorts, white toms, & a white tank and somewhat managed to blend in with punk music loving high school kids. Was it really my cup of tea? No. But my friend and I made the best of two free tickets by enjoying a hot summer day with a couple of beers, overpriced concert food & music we don't normally listen to. And best of all I got to cross something off my summer bucket list :)

Do you have any fun concert stories?!


Monday, December 16, 2013


Hello Friends!

I had the craziest semester ever and completely failed at keeping up with my blog. Be sure and check back this week to FINALLY see posts from my summer bucket list. 

ALSO, I just recently joined bloglovin. Follow me :)

Happy Monday,

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Bucket List

So after my best friend sent me a text of her summer bucket list I decided to make one for myself. Although I 1. may lack the funds to finish some of these (oh the joys of being a broke college student) and 2. wrote this list almost mid-summer, I am still determined to finish it. Here it is:

1) OC Fair
2) Laguna Beach
3) One night trip to Las Vegas
4) Finish the following books: Tuesdays with Morrie, that one book I also started and am too lazy to get up and check the name of, and Why Men Marry Bitches.
5) Finally join Linkedin
6) Go hiking at least once
7) 500 days of summer bench
8) Concert
9) Blog about a date
10) LB Museum of Art

So far I have one down and nine to go. I'll blog about each one as I complete them so, stay tuned for a blog post about Vegas! Wish me luck! Do you have a summer bucket list? Thanks for reading!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Things I Find Comforting:

Gilmore Girls- It is my all time favorite show. Maybe its the main mother daughter relationship in the show that reminds me of my mom and I. Or because Rhory and Lorelai possibly love coffee more than I do. Or perhaps because I relate to the character Rhory who is sort of this wallflower in high school which I totallllyy was too. The theme song is soothing, the characters feel real, they talk fast, and they're witty and smart. I seriously could watch it forever and ever and never get sick of it.

My twin sized bed- It seriously is the Along with this new blanket I recently got from JC Penny = heaven. I am so serious about it that I've included the link for you to check it out.

My mommas hugs- I am not a big hugger but you can't go wrong with a hug from yo mama.

Cuddling with my dog- If you have a pet I think you'll understand. There is nothing like the unconditional love a pet brings you! This is my shih tzu Brynn :)

Savasuna- This is at the very end of any yoga class. It is the ultimate act of relaxation and meditation.

A hot shower- an automatic fix to any bad day!

Starbucks- If you know me you know I love love love coffee. Its the best on a hot day, on a cold day, on a sleep deprived day...

What do you find comfort in? Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Things I have recently learned:
Being the "sick" person on an airplane really sucks.You're that germ infested person nobody wants to sit next to and everyone is annoyed at you due to your constant coughing or whatever. Its really sad :(

If you ever drunkenly fall & hurt your toenail it will take not 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 months, but 6, SIX months for it to fall off. That's a looong time with a nasty bandaged toe. Don't drink & drive? I'd also say don't drink and walk in 4+ inch high heels.

Comedy shows are fun and well, funny. No pun intended. But really, if you've never been to one you should! It makes for a great first date activity too! Especially when your date is a total dud. 

Using rice to save a wet cell phone actually does work.

Pintrest is extremely fun, helpful and inspiring! I'll have to dedicate a blog post to it soon.

Lactose free yogurt exists. Seriously, why did I just recently find this out?!?! I recommend the ones that Trader Joe's carries. Nom nom nom.

Until next time!