Wednesday, December 17, 2014

24 Acts of Kindness

I thought i'd post the 24 acts of kindness I performed back in October for my birthday. I think this is something i'll definitely continue to do every year from now on. Its amazing how one small, thoughtful gesture can make someone else's day...

1. Opened the door for someone at Starbucks
2. Let two drivers into my lane
3. Left a coffee paid for at Starbucks
4. Donated a bunch of old stuff to the American Cancer Society's Discovery Shop
5. Put change in a snack vending machine
6. Donated old books to my local library
7. Participated in a 5k breast cancer walk
8. Picked up litter
9. Left quarters on a washing machine
10. Donated old magazines to a local hospital
11. Was generous with compliments
12. Let someone cut in line at the grocery store
13. Made a $10 donation towards my pledge for the 5k
14. Gave someone a hug
15. Payed toll for the car behind me
16. Made a donation to breast cancer research at the grocery store
17. Bought and mailed my best friend a packet of thank you cards
18. Donated canned food to the Salvation Army
19. Donated old board games to a local hospital
20. Offered to baby-sit for my best friend
21. Spent a few minutes on  
22. Wrote a letter to a deployed or wounded member of the military through operation gratitude  
23.  Returned a few shopping carts back to the cart rack
24. Spread the goodness - I let anyone who asked what I did for my birthday know about my acts of kindness pledge. I had a coworker tell me I had inspired her to do it for her own birthday. What made it even sweeter was her mom decided to do it for her birthday as well.

Giving of ourselves is infectious :)