Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Military Jacket

Why did it take me so long to buy a military jacket?! For so long I thought they were too trendy for me to pull off but I am so happy with this purchase! It is officially my new favorite thing to wear. I wore this outfit in San Francisco for my moms birthday outing. It was so perfect for the chilly weather. How do you style your military jacket? 

Happy Hump Day,

Jacket- Old Navy / Shirt- Nordstrom Rack / Necklace- Nordstrom Rack / Jeans- Old / Purse- Steve Madden / Booties- JC Penny

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Floral Dress

I am about to tell you the most embarrassing thing I've done in awhile. I had gone shopping before a date because of course I had nothing to wear for a casual drinks date, and in the process found the cutest floral dress. I tried it on thinking the V-neck was the front of the dress. My upper body is small framed so 90% of the time I need to get things taken in. The dress definitely fit me a little big on my chest and I just thought no big deal i'm seeing my personal seamstress aka grandma in a few days, she can take it in for me. Well, I get home and try it on for grandma and her, my mom, and aunt start laughing hysterically at me. They all say Ash you have the dress on backwards. The whole time I was just thinking listen guys that is ridiculous, who are you to tell me I don't know how to put on clothes the right way?!Turns out they were right. When I turned the dress around it fit me perfectly. Talk about embarrassing! Be sure to check back next week for a post about my trip back home. 

Dress- Nordstrom Rack/ Necklace- Nordstrom Rack/ Military Jacket- Old Navy/ Flats- Old Navy