Monday, March 5, 2012

For Today…

So I found this  “daybook”idea on a blog and decided to try it.
And here is my post:

Outside my window...    Cars cars and more cars and darkness

I am thinking..  About a gazillion things. Also how this reminds me of those really cheesy myspace surveys everyone was obsessed with

I am thankful... For my beautiful mother. Oh, and for lactaid pills

In the kitchen... Is where my food is

I am wearing
... Favorite jeans, a t-shirt, sorority sweater

I am creating... A wonderful event for cancer survivors

I am going
...       To tackle some items on my to do list once I’m done with blogging fun

I am wondering... What tomorrow will bring

I am reading
...  Make Him Look Good by Alisa Valdes-Rodriquez. A nice light hearted read to go towards  my new years resolution of reading 10 books for leisure reading

I am hoping...    To continue working towards having a successful semester with my personal and academic goals

I am looking forward to... Weddings, parties, 21st birthdays, spring break, yoga, the start of a new week, etc,  etc.

I am learning... To take risks

Around the house... Is a constant mess but amazing roommates nonetheless

I am pondering...  The future

A favorite quote for today

One of my favorite things... How I Met Your Mother :)

A few plans for the rest of the week... Tackle items on my to do list, get some study hours in, and anything else written in my planner, oh and saving the world. Kidding on that last one.

A peek into my day