Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I'm linking up with Meet @ the Barre  and Lauren Elizabeth for some Friday Favorites.

Men, Women & Children
I became a huge Ansel Elgort fan after watching The Fault In Our Stars so I was really excited when I found out he was in this movie. I'm personally fascinated by the way we "interact" with people nowadays. Before I go on some long rant on my love hate relationship with technology, I'll just say the movie has no new groundbreaking message. It's about the pitfalls of the internet, specifically social media. It's a little on the depressing side but I still recommend it. And Jennifer Garner did such a great job in it! I love her.

Mushroom Pizza
I recently had this for the first time and I am dying to have it again. It tastes exactly like pizza and its sooo healthy!!! Here is a recipe I found on Pinterest if anyone wants to try it.

Nothing Bunt Cakes
Apparently this franchise is extremely popular in the bay area. Or maybe my family is just obsessed with them. Bottom line, they are AMAZING!!!! Their cakes are always super moist and fluffy and the frosting has just the right amount of sweetness. There is a picture of the two mini bunt cakes my mom got me for my birthday down velvet and chocolate!

Speaking of birthdays...I turned 24 on Monday! I decided to celebrate my birthday this year by doing a Pay It Forward Birthday Pledge. Basically, for however old you're turning you do that many acts of kindness. My last act of kindness is going to be tomorrow. I'm participating in a breast cancer walk. I left fundraising for the last minute (oops)help me reach my goal of $100! if anyone is interested in donating here is the donation link:
I'll be sure and post my 24 acts of kindness. Have a wonderful weekend!


Meet At The Barre

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Birthday Wish List

So in honor if my 24th birthday being tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to create a birthday wish list.These are some of the things I've been eyeing :) At the end of the day I really don't care for presents, but its still fun to share this kind of stuff. Is there anything you've had your eye on?

Birthday Wish List

Hope you all had a great weekend xoxo