Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bon Voyage Deux

Alright, if you read one of my very first blog posts you’ll know I have a love for everything travel, flying included and the possibility of sitting next to some really really cool stranger(s). I had an interesting encounter with two about a week ago. A guy and a girl, I was sitting in the middle. I was dozing off when the guy on my left side asked me how good my tabloid magazine was. I replied something lame like, “Not too good, I fell asleep reading it”. He kept going on and on about the magazine, anyways I ended up just letting him borrow it. I thought he’d flip through it on his own but no, said guy kept chatting away inviting me to discuss celebrity gossip, fashion trends, and what jersey shore is all about (for the record I don’t watch that garbage). We then got into the typical questions one asks a stranger. The more we talked the less I felt I had to add. He went to Berkley, stayed there after graduation and currently works in a lab researching caloric restrictions on mice and the effects it can have on areas such as the hippocampus (thank you biopsychology). He was handsome and extremely intelligent. I felt lame. I had no intellectual banter to add to the conversation. A few minutes after our conversation died, he started chatting up the girl to the right of me. He was interested in her reading selections. She had been reading two books, one by the feminist Angela Davis and through our questions (mostly his) I learned basic bits about her life as well. She revealed to us her books were just pleasure reading, and counted towards her new year’s resolution of reading 50 books. Sure, this wasn’t as fun as my encounter with the Asian cutie but it left me desiring more from life, intellectually. I used to watch the news, follow politics, and even though they were mostly light subjects I used to read, a lot. January 1st already past but it’s never too late to make resolutions. I now have two, to read ten books by the end of the year and stay more informed with current events. I guess I have my strangers to thank for this so, thank you.  



Saturday, January 7, 2012

What’s on your mind?

When will people realize their facebook status is not a free therapy session? But, seriously. You need to pay a professional for that. By revealing your deepest darkest secrets, concerns, worries-whatever, you are making yourself seem desperate, pathetic, needy, and like an attention whore.

I don’t want to know that today is the hardest day of your life, but you’re pushing through it even though your boyfriend broke up with you yesterday. I don’t want to know your relationship woes, how badly you wish you had someone to cuddle with because it’s rainy and cold, that your parents kicked you out, about your latest fight with your boyfriend, blah blah blah. Perhaps you should get off your status and go find a date, maybe you’ll end up cuddling tonight, perhaps you should stop writing passive aggressive statuses and call up the person you’re pissed at, perhaps you should call up your good friend and tell them about the heart wrenching emotional heartache you’re going through right now so they can comfort you in real life not by a “like”. Perhaps.

I get we all use this social network to keep in touch with friends and such but revealing personal things you wouldn’t normally tell people is just embarrassing and awkward for people reading your status. Please get a journal.  If you can’t express to your real life friends what you can express in your facebook status in 420 characters or less to your 1,243 “friends” then you have a problem. 

Rant over,